Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Soundscape have Auto Tune?

Yes, we have a wide variety of audio processing plugins including a few different versions of Auto Tune.

What is Mastering and do I need this?
Mastering is the final processing that is done to a completed mix to ensure the mix will translate properly between different audio playback systems. Additionally, when your mix is Mastered, the overall volume of the mix is raised to a competitive level for that particular genre. If you intend your music to be broadcast on the mainstream radio then Mastering should not be overlooked.
My band would like to schedule studio time to record a song, what instruments do we need to bring?
At The Soundscape we have a beautiful five-piece birch shell CRUSH drum kit with an array of different cymbals and snare drums to choose from. Aside from that we also have a rare Detroit-made Leonard baby grand piano which is tuned and maintenance every three months. In regards to guitars and bass, we have a VOC AC15C1 as well as an Ampeg BA210v2.
How can I upload my files for Mastering and what file type should I be sending?
We prefer that all files either be dropped off on a flash drive (make an appointment first) or zip them up and email files via “Wetransfer”. If you would like to email the files please call first to obtain an email address to send them. File type/sample rate and bit depth should be whatever the songs were mixed in. For example, this will most likely be wav (most idea), and if the songs were mixed in 24bit/48kHz then this is what should be sent. When sending files, please fill out a Mastering form and note the file type, sample rate, and bit depth so there is no confusion.
Do I need to be there for the Mastering session?
No, Mastering Services are considered a “drop off service” if the engineer feels it would be ideal for the artist to be present then we will contact you to schedule this.
I placed a deposit for studio time and now I need to reschedule, is this possible?

Studio deposits are used to schedule an hourly session (three-hour minimum). These deposits are non-refundable. The Soundscape requires a minimum of 48 hours’ notice when canceling a session and rescheduling. Anything less than 48 hours’ notice will forfeit your studio time deposit.

I am interested in registering for one of your State Licensed Recording Arts Classes, is financial aid available?
Unfortunately, because we are not an accredited school, we cannot offer financial aid. However, we do offer in-house tuition financing with our financing partner Paramount Capital Group.
My band has a studio session scheduled at The Soundscape and we would like to bring a photographer as well as a videographer. Will this be ok?
Yes, this is perfectly fine however we ask that any still shots and or video released from the session include location credit for The Soundscape.
Does The Soundscape offer Tape Transfer Services?
Yes, our current services for tape transfer include DAT, ADAT, and Cassette.
Does The Soundscape offer studio internships?
Yes, typically we offer studio internships to our Recording Arts Graduate students first.